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Testimonials and Case Studies

"Thanks for the time you have spent to prepare this file for me. This contains interesting information which I was looking for."
Eduardo, Canada, 25th February 2017

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Benjamin, Canada, 2nd February 2017

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Evan, Canada, 7th January 2016

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Fred, Canada, 7th November 2015

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Dayton, Canada, 18th October 2015

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Stephanie, Canada, 1st October 2015

"Good Morning Tanique Thank you very much for your efforts on educating me on the mining industry and all your time put into analyzing my resume. Once again thank you... Thank you very much for all and everything you can do"
Alex, Canada, 18th July 2015

"Thank you so much for the great information. It was very helpful."
Blain, Canada, 1st July 2015

"Dear Tanique, Thank you for getting back to me. I found your information very helpful and informative at at this stage being new in Canada and a prospective Canada Mining applicant."
Banji, Canada, 17th May 2015

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Baljeet, Canada, 14th April 2015

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Anjaly, Canada, 12th March 2015

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Tyler, Canada, 11th March 2015

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Kory, Canada, 9th February 2015

"Thank you for sending me the links to the mining industry. That was very helpful. I have applied to some of the companies listed."
Riccardo, 23rd January 2015

"Ok so I apologize for being a little hasty but I've been hired by major drilling as a drillers helper! I guess I figured this things happen over night but they obviously don't. Thank you for your help it's much appreciated and I won't forget what you and your company has done for me! I found that all the different companies to apply with helped a lot and the different job sites! They also lead to great sites to find jobs. Also all the information gave me confidence that I could start a career in the mining industry, once again I would like to thank you for your support and guidance throughout this whole process probably wouldn't have done it without you!"
Morgan, Canada, 18th November 2014

"Thank you guys very much for all the information! You have provided a good service for me and I don't regret the investment whatsoever."
Justin, Canada, 17th November 2014

"Thanks for your input on my resume, it was very helpful."
Matthew, Canada, 16th September 2014

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Luke, Canada, 21st August 2014

"So I looked at the info I got and it's a lot and very helpful"
Roy, Canada, 19th August 2014

"I appreciate the links to go and apply, really helpful in searching specifically for what I want as a heavy equipment operator."
Charles, Canada, 18th August 2014

"I really appreciate all of the patience you have on my file. I think you should become a nurse, because you have so much patience. "
George, BC, Canada, 24th April 2014

"Thank you verry much for all of the well needed guidance. I really feel as if I am no longer entering this industry blindfolded and alone. I will definitely be taking all of the advice given as well as 're reading the email as to get the most comprehension possible. Thanks again "
Julien, Canada, 22nd April 2014

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Matthew, Canada, 13th February 2014

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Manasie, Canada, 23rd January 2014

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Maurice, Canada, 17th December 2013

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Christopher, Canada, 17th December 2013

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Sheri, Canada, 30th October 2013

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Aakash, Canada, 17th September 2013

"Thank you for your information package regarding jobs that may be well-suited for the level of experience I have in the mining industry."
Andrea, Canada, 28th August 2013

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Russell, Canada, 22nd August 2013

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Jason, Canada, 11th July 2013

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Paul, Canada, 26th June 2013

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Norman, Canada, 13th June 2013

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Norman, Canada, 7th June 2013

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Finbar, Canada, 25th February 2013

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Sarah, Canada, 5th February 2013

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Jeffrey, Canada, 21st January 2013

"Thank you for all of your help! This has helped me get a much better understanding of the field, job positions, and idea of what to expect. I am attaching you a copy of my resume with this email. Again thank you for everything!"
Frederique, Canada, 11th January 2013

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Agnes, AB, 6th December 2012

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Paul, AB, 31st October 2012

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Tana, BC, 29th October 2012

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Don, BC, 23rd August 2012

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Linda and Kevin, Canada, 31st July 2012

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Bob, ON, 2nd February 2012

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Jacob, Canada, 15th December 2011

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Dominic, Montreal, 14th November 2011

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Tim, ON, 7th November 2011

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Micheal, Canada, 15th September 2011

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Sherry, Canada, 12th August 2011

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Jesse, Alberta Canada, 4th July 2011

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Gisele, Canada, 4th July 2011

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Robert, Brampton, ON, 14th June 2011

"Thanks for the information. I have read through it and will start applying this information to my application process."
Steph, Canada, 26th May 2011

" Thank you for the list of recommendations"
Mathieu, Ottawa, 20th April 2011

"Thank you for your information, it is a big help."
Richard, Kamloops B.C., 11th April 2011

"To the Team at Mining Jobs Canada, Thank you for your information, it is a big help. "
Richard, British Columbia, 11th April 2011

"Thanks for the info you sent me."
Justen, Grandview, 9th April 2011

" Hi, thank you for the information. Here is my resume. Thank you very much."
Brian, saskatchewan,canada, 20th March 2011

"Thank u for sending me information about mining jobs in canada"
Amn, london, 13th March 2011

" Thank you for the information pertaining to the mining industry, I have read over it and it has been very informative and helpful. "
Walter, Hamilton, 10th February 2011

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Paul, scotland, 5th February 2011

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Kai, Toronto,Canada, 18th January 2011

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JOCELYN, Canada, 11th January 2011

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Ruth, Quesnel, Canada, 9th September 2010

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Jacques, Edmundston, 17th June 2010


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